Welcome to SPCCMUN 2015!

28 June – 3 July

St Paul's Co-educational College Model United Nations (SPCCMUN) is, like other MUN conferences, a simulation of the United Nations, offering students an opportunity to play the roles of diplomats representing nations in various committees.  Delegates from schools all over the world will debate important human rights issues and work together to address the challenges facing the international community. 

The key issues for discussion at the conference are:

  • the empowerment of women;
  • the rights of children;
  • the right to information – media freedom     

The conference will feature a range of activities, notably keynote speeches from experts in their respective fields, the General Assembly, and Committee Meetings.

Delegates will be accommodated in our newly constructed dormitory on site.
This is an ideal opportunity for highly motivated, confident and articulate young people with good English skills to meet like-minded peers and develop their rhetorical skills, knowledge of the actual operation of the United Nations and international mindedness.   

Founded in 1915, St. Paul's Co-educational College is an English-medium school with strong international links and an extensive exchange programme with sister schools around the world. It is situated in Central, Hong Kong's central business district and site of the government headquarters. The conference also marks the beginning of the school's centenary celebrations.