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Student Activities Week


Adventure-based Learning Programme

17 - 25 Nov 2018

1E Chan Chung Yu
Oceans, hills, vast skies… as I spread my arms I could feel the gentle breeze cooling my face, hear the leaves rustling in my ears, and lick up the taste of sweet success.

“Joey, you can do it!” A pair of bare hands was all I had for climbing up a totally straight cliff. I carefully placed my feet onto those scanty rock surfaces and tried my best to move up. Fear was swallowing me second by second, as I picked up my courage again, making me feel like I was going to fall or slip down any moment.

Halfway up, I was stuck because my foot couldn’t reach any rock. Once I stopped, my legs, my arms, my whole body started trembling. Wobbliness plus my exhausted limbs stymied me from moving forward, I felt a lash of strength pulling me down. I seemed to hear my teammates shouting encouraging words to me, then the words from our coach flashed overhead, “If you fall, thirteen people are behind you.”

I felt something warm, something burning inside, motivating me to keep going. Using my knees to support myself, I tried hard to hold up my body which was almost hanging in the air, regardless of the pain I felt. Fighting against my fear and timidity, I finally reached the top of the cliff. I laid on the ground, took a deep breathe, and smiled, proudly announcing, “I have succeeded!” Nothing could be more satisfying.

If the taste of sweat and hardwork is bitter, the taste of accomplishment must be sweeter than ever.

1F Lam Chung Ho
The most special experience was canyoning – “SPLAT!” One of our groupmates had accidentally fallen into the stream due to over-confidence.

This challenge required us to be courageous, but at the same time, taught us to know our own limits. Coasteering was my favourite, it allowed me to enjoy the nature in Hong Kong as well as conquer my fear, physically and psychologically. Hiking had given me the time to meet new groupmates. In just a week, I had changed my thoughts on my groupmates and classmates. I could feel that SPCC was a warm family, to which I had a strong sense of belonging.

1A Tsui Chun Yin
We learnt how to survive in nature and got to try out different new activities such as cannoning and coasteering.  I liked kayaking the most because it challenged one’s ability to balance and to cooperate, and I had a great time kayaking smoothly with my partner, Lai Hiu Yeung. SAW had given us a good chance to meet more schoolmates and to appreciate nature.