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Student Activities Week


CAS Week

16 - 24 Nov 2019

5G Ryan Baum

Tropical sun, white-sand beaches, tourists in sunglasses and sandals… to call Bali a tourist destination would be an understatement. So when the four of us arrived at Bali for our CAS service trip, we were not surprised to see billboard after billboard advertising villas and hotels. However, as our car weaved deeper into the island and towards Ubud, the city faded into villages, temples and sprawling rice terraces. Over the course of a week, we would be staying amidst the heart of Bali, and serving primary school children in one of the village schools of Ubud, a service which was challenging, moving and rewarding. While we were given pointers on the highlights of Balinese culture, we were not given much direction on how and what to teach the children under our care for a week, and simply told to teach them English, a skill which would benefit them on a tourist-centric island. Nonetheless, with the help of our friends Brittany and Allison, we found the children so warm and cooperative that learning their progress and helping them improve was no problem at all. Classes began with an outline of a basic English topic (“I am”, “This is”, “I want to be” etc) and diverged into an organised ruckus of students passionately practising their skills. They were eager to learn, often asking questions and asking us to check their progress. By the end of the week, we were all glad to see them having learnt important English skills. As we waved goodbyes, shared hugs and blessings on our farewell, we were overwhelmed by the child-like happiness in every hop and stride of the children. Bali is truly a tropical paradise, because of all the coconuts, but perhaps also because of the message it sings that a good purpose with good people are all you truly need.