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Student Exchange


Lycée Saint-Vincent, Senlis, France

26 Jan - 17 Feb 2019

4H Angela Wang

Looking back at the photos of us riding horses, visiting the Louvre and posing next to the Eiffel Tower, the memories of our exchange trip to France flash through my mind – it was such an unforgettable and life-changing experience.

As it was my first time joining an exchange programme, I was frankly quite worried. However, all my concerns were unfounded: upon my arrival, I found the locals to be welcoming and friendly. The students in Lycée Saint Vincent were very keen on helping me to blend into their school life. As I gradually eased to it, I noticed a lot of differences between SPCC and their school. Despite being in a more relaxing and less stressful studying environment, they are very enthusiastic about learning, and devote much time and effort into it. My buddy, for example, spends a lot of her afterschool time on schoolwork and is always prepared for every lesson.

Although the excursions to Paris and nearby towns were no less exciting, to me, what made this experience enriching was that it provided an unique insight into the French culture, not only by studying it but by living the life of it. We learned to appreciate other culture and bonded with people around the world. All in all, this exchange trip to France is absolutely a memory worth reminiscing.


3G Au Man Yan

Going to Lycée Saint-Vincent was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for the three of us. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a warm welcome by our French buddies. During our stay, we needed to attend their lessons at school, where we met difficulties in understanding the lessons, since we barely know French and most of their lessons were taught in French. Luckily, we were given a special timetable which consisted of lessons all taught in English, so we could understand the lessons better.

My host family was very nice and welcoming. They brought me out to visit many different special places such as Chantilly and Fontainebleau. Chantilly is a small town which is famous for horses. There is a horse museum and visitors can watch horse shows. There is also a castle. It is not an extremely big castle, but it is definitely an overwhelming one. We also visited Disneyland Paris, which was also one of the highlights of our trip. Unlike Hong Kong Disneyland, there are two parks in the Disney Resort there. My host family even brought me to a short airplane tour over Fontainebleau, which was absolutely a special event for me.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much and would want to go there again. The people, neighbourhood, places, food, etc. were so different from those in Hong Kong, and this study trip was certainly rewarding for me as I got to learn a lot about the culture of France.


3A Daphne Chan

The three-week experience in France is definitely one of those times that we would never forget. At school, although most lessons were in French, and there might be language barriers with the other classmates, we had a really great time as the classmates were all very nice.

At home, my host family was very friendly and they tried their best to speak English for most of the time. Meals at home allowed me to taste typical French food, for example, croissant, mousse chocolat, crepe, etc. Students at LSV mostly have lunch provided by the school. They call the cafeteria “self”, probably because it works a bit like a buffet, and students help themselves. From the “self”, I have also tried several French traditional dishes, like semoule, croque monsieur and many more.

Overall, in this trip, I really gained a better understanding of the French culture and I am grateful for all the hospitality, without which this trip would not have been as fruitful.