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Student Exchange


Lycée Saint-Vincent students @ SPCC

23 Mar - 13 Apr 2019

Julie Besnard

During this exchange, I have discovered a new way of life, that of Hongkong people.

Indeed, I have tasted a large number of local specialties like fish ball, dim sum, noodle, pineapple bun, etc. I have visited the most famous monuments, but I have also gone where tourists do not normally go to, and I think that is why this exchange has been very rewarding, because during these three weeks I have really been living like a Hongkong girl and not like a tourist. Moreover, I have learned so much more about this culture which is so different from my own, and also about the history of this big city. I can even say that now, I know how to eat with chopsticks while it was not a sure thing initially. For all that, I thank of course the school for allowing this exchange but mainly my amazing host family who introduced me to all those things.