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January 22, 2009:
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Welcome to ISC 2009!

28 June - 4 July

2008 marks an exciting year for Hong Kong with the success of hosting the Olympic Games – Equestrian Events, and the city is much looking forward to hosting the East Asian Games in 2009.

The International Sports Conference, entitled “Champions with a Cause: Athletes of Tomorrow”, will take place in Hong Kong in the summer of 2009. It aims to provide young athletes with an enriching programme on sports education. We hope that this conference will not only provide a platform for students from around the world to refine their physical skills, but also serve to promote sportsmanship and cultural exchange .

The Sports Conference is a collaborative effort between St. Paul’s Co-educational College (SPCC) and the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd). It is the fourth international conference organised by SPCC, following on the success of the science conference in 2006, the choral conference in 2007, and the environmental conference in 2008.

The title of the Conference, “ Champions with a Cause: Athletes of Tomorrow”, highlights the long and winding road a champion needs to go through: the hardship of training, the time and effort, and most of all, the will to win. The Conference will help to cultivate in young athletes desirable sporting etiquettes and a sense of responsibility and commitment. We also hope it will foster an understanding of and respect for different cultures in organising sporting events.

About 120 secondary school students of about 14-17 years old are being invited to attend the conference.