Welcome to ISW 2014!

29 June – 5 July

The International Sports Workshop (ISW) will take place in Hong Kong in the summer of 2014. The title of the Workshop, “To Inspire, To Excel”, highlights the unique devotion and aspiration of sportsmen in perfecting their skills and raising their levels. It aims to provide young athletes with an enriching programme on sports education.

Following on the success of the Sports Conference in 2009, St. Paul’s Co-educational College (SPCC) is proud to host once again the sporting event, which is renamed as International Sports Workshop.  It is the seventh international conference organised by SPCC amongst others in different fields since 2006. 

Running from 29 June to 5 July 2014, the ISW will see some 140 students from different corners of the world participate in an enriching programme in sports. A series of sports clinics will be offered with a view to honing their skills with professional coaches, and sharing sessions with leading athletes will also be organised. What’s more, notable leaders and veterans in the sports industry are being invited as guest speakers.

We hope that this workshop will not only provide a platform for students from around the world to refine their physical skills, but also serve to promote sportsmanship and cultural exchange.