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January 22, 2009:
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World-class athletes are being approached as guest coaches for the Conference. They include Olympic swimmer Ms Qian Hong, a gold medallist in 100m Butterfly, Barcelona Olympics 1992; and award-winning fencer Mr Ringo Lo, ranking among top 30 in individual event in foil at Barcelona Olympics 1992, and a bronze medallist in Asian Games, Asian Fencing Championships and Commonwealth Games.


Liu Kwok Wa, Sammy

Liu Kwok Wa is a retired HK elite badminton player and a registered coach of the HK Badminton Association. He had won a lot of higher level competitions in the past 10 years, and the latest one is the 2006 German Open, Men’s Doubles, 3rd. He had attained a World Ranking record of 7th and is now a full time coach for various secondary schools and sports clubs. Mr Liu is also a qualified examiner of Pre-level I Badminton Coaching Course and the Youth Badminton Athletes Training Scheme. 

Zhang Ai Hua, Amy


  • Professional badminton player of Guangzhou City (1978-1984)
  • Registered Coach of Hong Kong Badminton Association

Coaching Experience

  • (1998-Present)
    Baptist University of HK
    Maryknoll Secondary School, Kwun Tong
    Stewards Pool Kei College, Shatin
  • (1989-1993)
    The University of Sydney, Australia
    Macquarie University, Australia
    University of Technology, Australia



Leung Wai Man, Raymond

Mr Leung is the Development Director of the HK Basketball Association since 1996, and had been coaching for the HK Men’s Senior & Junior Teams for 14 years before joining the Association. Mr Leung .is also qualified as an International Basketball Coach.



Chen Wei Jing, Wilson

Wilson Chen is graduated from Academy of Sports, Guangdong Province. He has been with the National Squad of China since 1990, and had competed ever since then on behalf of China for both senior & junior events. His major weapon is Epee, and had quite a significant achievement for the past decade such as:

National Fencing Championships (1999) – Team Champion

Asian Fencing Championships (1999) – Individual & Team Champion

National Fencing Championships (1998) – Individual Champion

Wilson is now working as a full-time Head Coach of i-Fencing Club Alliance Ltd, and a part-time coach for the Hong Kong Fencing Association, and also acts as a team coach for various secondary schools in Hong Kong. He was awarded as Hong Kong Outstanding Coach for three consecutive years since 2004.


Lau Kam Tan, Ben

Ben Lau is a member of the HK Squad in Fencing (Foil/Epee) for the past 12 years. He was trained and educated in Hong Kong. He is now working as a full-time coach for the Hong Kong Fencing Association, i-Fencing Club Alliance Ltd., and taken up the role as a team coach for various secondary & primary schools in Hong Kong.

He has obtained his Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Fencing-Epee (2007), Basic Fitness Trainer Certificate (2006), Level 1 General Sports Theory in Coaching (2002), and Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Fencing –Foil (2000)

At the recent Australian World Cup in Fencing, Ben achieved 3 rd (individual) which is the best results for the year 2008-2009. At present, Ben’s World Ranking: 84 th Asian Ranking 10 th, and HK Ranking 4 th


Lo Chun Chung Ringo

Ringo is a member of the HK Squad in Fencing (Foil) since 1990. For the past 20 years, he was trained and educated in Hong Kong. His personal best was representing HK for the Olympic Games (Barcelona) in 1992 and was ranked top 30 th for the Men’s Foil, individual. He is still a record holder for Hong Kong for the past 16 years.

As for International Recognition, Ringo is a “B” Grade International Referee and has been exercising his role at various level of competitions such as; Doha Asian Games, Universiade Games, and the World Championships Final Judge.

Ringo obtained his Bachelor Degree in Fencing Coach (2003), Level 3 Certificate of Coaching in Fencing (1996) issue by the HK Fencing Association, and “C” Grade Fencing Coach in Germany (1993).

Ringo has been coaching at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong National Team, Youth & Cadet Team and the Universiade Games. He is now working as a full-time coach for the Latoya Sports Company Ltd., Hong Kong Fencing Association, and has taken up the role as a team coach for various primary and secondary schools in the Hong Kong.


Yuen Hou In, Jeff

Jeff Yuen is a member of the HK Squad in Fencing (Sabre ) for the past 10 years. He was trained and educated in Hong Kong. He is now working as a full-time coach for the Hong Kong Fencing Association (Foil /Sabre ), Life-wide Fencing Studio, and taken up the role as a team coach for various secondary & primary schools in Hong Kong.

He is the former Champion in Men’s Sabre (2003-2007), recipient for the HK Potential Sports Stars Awards (2001), and also awarded for the FIE Referee (Grade B in Sabre). Jeff also competed in the 15 th Asian Games (2006) and achieved top 5 th in Men’s Sabre (Team) & top 8 th in Men’s Sabre (Individual).

Former Hong Kong Champion (2003 - 2007 Men’s' Sabre)

Sports Stars Awards - Hong Kong Potential Sports Stars Awards 2001

Hong Kong Fencing Association - Coach (Foil, Sabre)

FIE Referee (Grade B in Sabre)



Yun Nian

Ms Nian is graduated from the Academy of Sport Nanjing, majoring in Physical Education (2000). She represented China for the 1996 Olympic Games (Atlanta, Georgia) for the event in Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay (3:40.48 with teammates; Le Jingyi, Na Chao & Ying Shan) and won a Silver Medal. In 1997 at the 3 rd World Swimming Championships (Short Courses), Ms Nian won the Women’s 200m Freestyle (Silver Medal, and break the record), and also won a gold medal for the Women’s 4x100m & 4x200m Relay.

Ms Nian is now residing in Hong Kong, and working as a full-time swimming coach with Hoi Tin Athletic Association (Swimming Section).


Qian Hong

Ms Qian was born in January 30, 1971, is a former butterfly swimmer from China, whose best performance during her career was winning the gold medal in the 100m Butterfly at the 1992 Olympic Games (Barcelona). Four years earlier, when Seoul, South Korea hosted the 1998 Olympics, she already won the bronze medal in the same event. Her achievement in swimming also included the 6 th World Swimming Championships (Perth) in 1990, where she clocked 59.68”for the Women’s 100m Butterfly (Champion). She is now residing in Shanghai for good.



Liang Chao-ming

Mr Liang is the Head Coach of the Female Table-tennis Team and a lecturer in Guangzhou Sport University.

Yang Zhong-hua

Mr Yang is the Deputy Head of the Faculty of Athletic Training in Guangzhou Sport University. He is also an Assistant Professor in Table-tennis Training, a teacher in Postgraduate Student Department and a member of Education Committee in the university.

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