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Special Notices

21 March 2020

Extension of school suspension after Easter holidays

EDB has announced today that all classes will be further suspended until further notice.  According to the College’s calendar, the Easter holidays would take place between 9 April and 19 April 2020.   Thereafter, online real-time lessons would resume for all F1 – F5 students from 20 April 2020. 

Please continue to check the College’s website and eclass regularly for any updates or announcements.

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College Council


Dr Moses Cheng


Dr Michael HH Mak

Hon Secretary

Ms Michelle Chow

Hon Treasurer

Mr Stephen KW Yiu

Supervisor of Secondary School and Primary School

Dr Chien Lee

Principal of Secondary School

Mr Poon Siu Chi

Council Members

Mr Willy KW Ngai
Mr Bernard PH Auyang
Ms Teresa MY Yang
Dr Rocco SK Yim
Dr Philip WT Leong
The Revd Canon Peter Douglas Koon
Mr John KH Li
Mr Joey Fan
The Revd Canon Dr Pang Pui Kong Thomas
Dr Cheung Ting Kin