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Physical Education

Physical Education is “to educate students through physical activities”.  To achieve our school’s aim of life-long and life-wide learning experiences for whole-person development in education and nurturing students to develop proper attitude and correct values and to pursue a positive, active and healthy lifestyle.

Curriculum Goals
  • To strengthen their positive attitude towards sports competitions and ceremonies
  • To acquire and apply basic skills in at least eight different physical activities from not less than four areas which include games and competitions
  • To refine learnt skills and acquire skills of novel events of diversified activities from F.4 to F.6
  • To use tablet (e-learning) for browsing more relevant information for P.E. in the internet
  • To reinforce the “Student Profile” into our PE lessons
  • To carry out the selected contents for cognitive domain in different forms
  • To have more interaction, observation, feedback and knowledge consolidation during PE lessons
  • To participate actively and regularly in at least one sports activity
  • To be able to introduce health-related fitness concept from F.1 to F.3 and to be able to self-evaluate the effectiveness of a health-related fitness level from F.4 to F.6
  • To demonstrate appropriate attitude and correct value in physical activities and other personal qualities to daily and social life
  • To take the role of sports leader or junior coach and to demonstrate responsibility and leadership in school
  • To sustain awareness of environmental drive