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The mission of our department is to introduce mathematics as a coherent body of knowledge and its methodology to students. We aim at equipping students with mathematical techniques and enabling them to make applications. We also aim at helping students appreciate the beauty of mathematics and recognize it as an extremely significant example of human endeavour. 

Curriculum Goal
Our curriculum aims to: 
  • develop in students the ability to reason logically and think critically, inquire and to solve problems mathematically. 
  • develop in students the ability to communicate with others and present their ideas clearly and logically in mathematical language. 
  • develop in students confidence and positive attitudes towards mathematics learning and the capability of appreciating the aesthetic nature and cultural aspects of mathematics. 
  • develop in students the competence in applying mathematical knowledge and skills in daily life and other disciplines. 
  • help students foster, develop and stretch their potential in mathematics. 


  • To develop students' generic skills through learning mathematics, particularly in the capability to think critically, analyze, solve problems and communicate with others effectively.

  • To help students integrate the mathematical knowledge to real-life experiences through application.

  • To help students' develop greater interest in mathematics outside the syllabuses and a deeper appreciation of the subject through the discussion of interesting problems and history of mathematics.

  • To extend students' mathematical experiences beyond the classroom, excite their curiosity and stretch their mind by providing enhancement programmes and extra-curricular activities.

Curriculum Focus
  • To focus on developing students' creative thinking, logical reasoning and the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in problem solving. 
  • To emphasise both high order thinking skills and conceptual understanding. 
  • To maintain a balance between process abilities and basic computational skills and contents. 
  • To incorporate the use of IT to arouse students' interest and deepen their understanding in mathematics.