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Fees & Scholarships


  • School fees for non-local students for 2022-23 school year:
    • F4-F5 (DSE) / F4 Prep Year: HK$148,325, payable in 10 instalments
    • F6 (DSE): HK$148,325, payable in 7 instalments
    • F5 IBDP: HK$181,025, payable in 10 instalments
    • F6 IBDP: HK$181,025, payable in 7 instalments

School fees include tuition fees and the DSS unit subsidy rates which are adjusted annually by the Education Bureau. This may mean a subsequent increase in the overall school fees accordingly.

  • Annual boarding fees (meals included):
    • F2-F5: HK$72,000, payable in 10 instalments
    • F6 (Local Curriculum): HK$50,400, payable in 7 instalments
    • F6 (Non-local Curriculum): HK$64,800, payable in 9 instalments