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Citizenship and Social Development
Helping students to develop positive attitudes and values, enabling them to become good persons who can contribute to the betterment of the family, the community, the country, and the world has long been the tradition of our school. The Citizenship and Social Development Department has a conviction to develop and nurture each student to be a humane individual who empathises and lives harmoniously with others, acts impartially and with a sense of responsibility and proportion, exercises effective and responsible decision making skills in this interconnected and ever-changing global community.

The following curricula are offered by the Department at junior and senior secondary levels:
F1-F3: Society Studies (School-Based Curriculum)
F4-F6: HKDSE Citizenship and Social Development
Curriculum Goals
  • to enhance students’ competence to meet daily and future challenges as they grow up
  • to cultivate in students sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues
  • to develop an understanding of the inter-connectedness of the different layers of society
  • to learn from the experiences of others in managing a multi-dimensional society, so as to understand better the efforts taken to build and sustain a politically viable, socially cohesive, environmentally sound, culturally diverse and economically vibrant community
  • to develop social conscience and a sense of responsibility with respect to community-spiritedness, and become active citizens with deepened understanding and sense of identity of individuals with Chinese nationality and Chinese citizenship in a globally interdependent community
  • to master the most fundamental intellectual skills and concepts to reason and speak competently on different issues relating to our communities and the world at large