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Online learning during lesson suspension

Dear Students,
As lessons have been suspended over these past few days, we hope that you would take this opportunity to do some self-revision.   We hope to minimise the loss of learning hours in school; hence, your teachers would be sending you some work through eClass or Google Classroom. Please check these platforms regularly over the next few days and complete the work assigned.  Do keep yourself safe and away from any areas where your safety may be undermined. 

St. Paul’s Co-educational College

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Student Organisations

student organisation

We have two student organisations, namely, the Prefect Board and the Student Union. The Prefect Board is led by two Head Prefects, two Deputy Head Prefects and four Prefect Councillors. In addition to F6 and F5 Prefects, there are Prefect Trainees from F4. They are elected by both teachers and students. They will strive for excellence to uphold the good name of the school and serve with honour.

The Student Union has an executive committee of eight student leaders elected annually by the student population. They serve to enhance the communication between the school and the student body for the betterment of the school and the well-being of students.