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The History Department aims to nurture "student historians", who would attempt to find patterns and establish the meaning of past events, and grasp the various historical concepts and skills. Literally speaking, everything has a history and can be analysed and interpreted in historical perspective and context. It is hoped that the study of history at our secondary school could not only nurture students' appreciation of the past, but also extend their high-order thinking abilities.

Curriculum Goals
  • To promote an understanding of history as a discipline, including the nature and diversity of historical sources, methodology and interpretation.
  • To cultivate students’ appreciation of and respect for their own culture and that of the shared humanity.
  • To help students become life-long learners by developing their ability to analyse, to think critically, to solve problems, to make sound judgement and to communicate effectively.
  • To help students to approach the past and current events using a variety of perspectives and develop open-mindedness.
  • To prepare students for being responsible global citizens by promoting the following values and attitudes: civic awareness, regard for evidence, moral courage, and respect for differences of opinion.