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The Economics Department seeks to nurture independent thinkers who are able to analyse real-world issues and government policies with fundamental economic theories, and evaluate with international perspectives and respect for different cultures and values.


Curriculum Goals
  • To develop students’ interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues, becoming lifelong learners who will continue to discover the world through an economic perspective.
  • To help students master basic economic principles and terminology so that they can comprehend the relationship between economic events and outcomes.
  • To help students better understand local, regional and global economic and social issues and their possible consequences and implications. 
  • To develop students’ awareness of the economic, political, social and environmental forces underlying the process of economic decision-making.
  • To train students to be critical and informed individuals in the discussion of local, regional and global economic and social issues.
  • To encourage students to become committed and responsible citizens, contributing to the well-being of the local community, the nation and the world.