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Boarding Life


Nutritious and delicious food is essential for providing energy and satisfaction for boarders’ good health. Our caterer aims to provide quality food with diverse food choices. All meals are freshly prepared in our own kitchen with our live-in staff providing regular feedback to the caterer on the food quality. We strive to cater for all dietary needs by providing tailor-made meals for individual boarders with specific dietary intolerance. Boarders can apply to the Dormitory Officer if they need a takeaway meal due to pre-approved school-related activities or non-school-related activities. Application has to be made at least one day in advance.






Dormitory Activities

Enjoyable social activities contribute to the success of boarding life. Participating in structured social activities facilitates boarders to mingle with each other in a non-academic setting, make new friends at the dormitory and develop personal interests beyond the academic curriculum. Fun and relaxation is at the heart of the balanced lifestyle that our dormitory provides.

Boarders can participate in sports evenings held in the Indoor Games Hall every day. They can play the piano in the Common Room for leisure during free time. Every month there are activities such as prayer meetings, birthday celebrations, board game nights, lip-balm making workshops or festival celebration parties. Outdoor activities such as hiking would also be held occasionally. 





Boarder Testimonials





“The living environment of the dormitory is decent and comfortable. The atmosphere is friendly, and laughter is heard everywhere.” - Patrick

“After I live in the dormitory, I can better balance my academic work and extra-curricular activities. My well-being has also improved.” - Rachel

“I believe that living in the dormitory would help me improve in both my academic studies and mental health. Little did I expect how much it would help me improve in my time management skills and social skills.” - Aiden

“What I have gained the most is the friendship I have made here. In the past two years, I had four roommates and all of them were senior form students. This is a very unique experience. All my roommates have their own strengths and they give me a lot of inspiration about my future curriculum choice and interpersonal skills.” - Nina